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Trash Sticker Rate Increase - Effective May 1, 2016, the cost of a sheet of trash stickers will increase from $14.75 to $19.20. If you purchased sheets of stickers prior to May 1, 2016, you may continue to use them.
In addition, the yearly sticker will expire April 30, 2016 and a new yearly sticker will need to be purchased by May 1st, or Republic will not pick up your trash. The cost of a new yearly sticker for the coming Fiscal Year will be $211.19.
Please see the attached copies of minutes and the resulting Resolution that extended the contract for residential collection services. These outline the discussion at that time and the thought process that went into the decision made by the Board of Trustees. Republic Services has held the sticker price at the same rate for the last three years, but the Village will see an increase on May 1st that is somewhat higher than in the past. Future increases for the remaining years in the contract will be much lower.
SPD Hire 040516C

Friends of Centennial Park, Swansea, Illinois

Exotic plants are a serious problem in our area and bush honeysuckle is perhaps the worst. It is shade tolerant and becomes so prevalent it makes foot travel very difficult. But, the worst problem with it is what it does to the future of the forest. It becomes so thick that native trees, flowers, and other plants can’t reproduce. Gone will be our oak, hickory, walnut, cottonwood, maple, and others. With their disappearance we will also lose many animals as these trees are a food source for them.

On May 14, from 9am - noon we will again work on removing bush honeysuckle and will also cut invasive vines that are choking out our trees.

It will take years to restore Centennial Park to its glory. But, we will continue and someday we will get there. In the meantime we are going to have FUN getting it done. We will have a nice little picnic again after for those who want to stick around for a while. Look for more information and pictures on Facebook under “Friends of Centennial Park, Swansea, Illinois”, or email