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ALERT...Swansea Emails have been spoofed, if you receive an email from an email ending in, do not open the attachment until you have verified it has come from an employee of the Village. Typically these emails include an attachment, or ask you to "click here". By opening or clicking the attachment a virus could be transferred to your computer, so be very cautious. If you are unsure please call the Government Center at (618) 234-0044

Summer is here!
 Warm weather is here, school is out, and so are the kids!

The Village of Swansea would like to remind drivers to drive slowly and
cautiously, especially in neighborhoods,
and to watch for children as they play outdoors this summer.
Old Town Swansea Pop-Up Bike/Walk Event         August 10th... Click here for more details

Swansea Fire Department night at the ball park August 19th...For more details visit Swansea Fire Department facebook page.

Swansea Touch-A-Truck and Classic Car Event.     Saturday September 14th....Click here for more details
Dueling Pianos September 28, 2019.....Click here for more details.

Swansea Senior Van Service          

runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00 noon of each week. Riders must be 55 or older. If you would be interested please contact the Village of Swansea  at (618) 234-0044 from 8:00am to 4:30pm for complete policy for riders.

Tornado siren testing will be done on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am unless there is severe weather in the area.
Weather Preparedness Resources

Additional Natural Disaster Safety Articles