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ALERT...Swansea Emails have been spoofed, if you receive an email please do not open. Typically these emails include an attachment, or ask you to "click here". By opening or clicking the attachment could release a virus, so be very cautious. If you are unsure please call the Government Center at (618) 234-0044

Splash Pad is closed until further notice...

The internal wiring and equipment had been struck by lightning.  Work to repair and replace the damaged equipment will begin immediately, but at this time, we cannot give an accurate estimate when it will reopen.  Please check here for more details. We will try to keep you updated as information about repairs becomes available.

Swansea Government Center will be closed Wednesday July 4th, 2018 for the Independence Day holiday.

The holiday is also observed by Republic Services. If your trash & Recycling day is Wednesday, it will be moved to Thursday. Thursday will move to Friday and Friday will move to Saturday.

Fireworks are Illegal in Illinois... If you are new to the area please note that it is illegal for anyone in the State of Illinois to shoot off fireworks, Illegal "fireworks" are specifically defined in the laws but generally include any that explode, including firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles.

The term "fireworks" does not include snakes or glow worms pellets, smoke devices or sparklers. When it comes to fireworks it is best to leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals. Look to local communities for fireworks displays. Please be safe and have a fun holiday.

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Crews working for Ameren Illinois will be trimming trees in and around your area in the near future. Our qualified line clearance trimmers will trim trees that could interfere with electric lines running from pole to pole. Our contractors are nationally recognized as professional arboricultural companies who meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) pruning standards and pruning methods endorsed by the International Society of Arborists (ISA).


Attached are maps and common addresses of the areas affected. In addition to notifying you, Ameren Illinois will mail a notice to customers who may be affected by the distribution tree trimming work. We will also provide a public notice in local newspapers.

Click here for map of tree trimming


We are committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable power to your community. Tree trimming helps us minimize the likelihood of power outages and safety hazards. Please visit to learn more about our tree trimming program and tips for safely planting trees around power lines.


We recognize the importance of trees to your community, so we have established the Right Tree, Right Place Grant Program to help replace trees that must be removed for safety or reliability reasons. Please see the attached brochure for details.


Thank you for your patience while work is underway. If you have any questions about the upcoming distribution tree trimming work, please call 1.800.755.5000, or visit our website at Should you or any of your constituents have further questions, the Consumer Services Division of the Illinois Commerce Commission may be reached at 1.800.524.0795.




Ameren Illinois
Vegetation Management

3490 Rupp Parkway

Decatur, IL  62526


For more information, access your online account at


Tornado siren testing will be done on the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am unless there is severe weather in the area.
Weather Preparedness Resources

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