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Trick or Treat is on Saturday, October 31st Until 9 p.m.
Please be courteous for the people who just arrived home from work and are having dinner. 
Be Safe.
Bonfire and fire pit burning..Fire pits typically fall under ―bon fires‖ and cannot exceed 4ft x 4ft x 4ft. The only material that can be burned in a fire pit is fire wood, what would be used in a fireplace indoors. No trash, leaves, yard waste, 2x4s, etc. The wood has to have bark on it. They have to be attended at all times and there is no permit requirement..
Swansea Fire Department Public Education Program...See More
Swansea Farmer's Market... Every Thursday 11:00am - 3:00pm on parking lot area of Rural King, 2801 N. Illinois Street, Swansea, IL.
October will be the last month of the season.
Swansea Police Department - Citizens Police Academy
Designed to educate citizens what their Swansea Police Department does....See More
Swansea Police & Fire Charity Kickball Tournament....See More
The Swansea Patriots...Return to Camelot.
Save the Date October 10th,2015...See More
Summer Water Usage Adjustment
Each year the Village allows a summer usage adjustment on sewer bills for water used that does not enter the sewer system. Good examples include watering a lawn or filling a swimming pool. This adjustment is available to home owners who do not use a deduct meter. The summer usage adjustment is allowed within the following guidelines:
An application must be submitted between September 15th and October 15th in order to request the credit. 
The applicant must have resided at the service address for at least one year prior to making application. Calculations are based upon the previous year’s average usage, so one year of service is required to perform the calculations.
A summer usage adjustment is calculated by determining the customer’s average consumption during the preceding year, and then determining the difference between that average and the consumption for the summer billing months. The Village then credits the account by deducting fifty percent (50%) of the difference between that average and actual summer consumption, as reported to the Village by the water company.
To apply for a summer usage deduction, please fill out the form and return to 209 Service Street, Swansea IL 62226. . Click here for form.

 Or click the button below for a fillable form