Information for Business Uses

  1. Opening a Business in Swansea

    Thinking about starting a new business or moving your business to Swansea. Contact Building & Zoning Department @ 618-234-0044 for information on permitted uses in each zoning district, parking requirements, accessibility issues, signage, and occupancy inspections.

  2. Annual Registration

    Village Ordinances require all non-residential uses of property to complete an annual registration form. This information is reviewed to ensure compliance with our Zoning Code.

  3. TIF Districts & Incentives

    Information about the two (2) TIF Districts in the Village.

  4. Special Business Districts & Incentives

    Browse information on the Village budget, purchasing services, taxes.

  5. Zoning Districts

  6. Swansea Demographics

    The Village of Swansea is centrally located in the St. Louis Metropolitan East area with a quick 20 minute drive to downtown St. Louis via Interstate 64. The Village is in St. Clair County and is situated between Belleville, to our south, and Fairview Heights to our north. Scott Air Force Base is located to our east, which is the largest employer on the Illinois side of the Metropolitan area.

  7. Possible Development Sites

    There are ample opportunities for retail/commercial, office, and industrial development in the Village of Swansea. The following provides information related to economic development in the community, from demographic and economic characteristics to incentive programs and development site profiles.

  8. Sales Tax Rate Finder

    To find the current sales tax rate for the Village of Swansea

  9. Chamber of Commerce

    The Metro-East Regional Chamber of Commerce was organized to provide its members with the services, information, marketing, and resources to sustain and support their businesses, as well as to create opportunities for a healthy economic and tax base in support of the Village of Swansea and City of Fairview Heights. Link to