Code of Ordinances

Listed below are the chapters for the Municipal Codes of Ordinance:
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Chapter   1  Construction and Administration of Code
Chapter   2  Municipal Officers and Administration
Chapter   3  Taxation
Chapter   4  Employees
Chapter   5  Public Safety
Chapter   6  Public Works
Chapter   7  Refuse Collection
Chapter   8  Community and Economic Development
Chapter   9  Liquor Control
Chapter 10  Games of Chance
Chapter 11  Motor Vehicle Code
Chapter 12  Nuisances
Chapter 13  Offenses
Chapter 14  Animal Services
Chapter 15  Swansea Building Code
Chapter 16  Swansea Business Code
Chapter 17  Swansea Flood Plain
Chapter 18  Swansea Manufactured Home Code
Chapter 19  Swansea Subdivision Code
Chapter 20  Swansea Zoning Code