Log of FOIA Requests for 2017

Freedom of Information Act

FOIA # Date Requested Requestor Information Requested Date Released Status of Request
2017-1 1/16/2017 Tess Groen w/ Biersdorf & Associates Correspondence on Munie Rd., Phase 2 Road Project 1/18/2017 No Records 
2017-2 1/16/2017 Tim Buchanan Board Minutes from 2/22/11 Released
2017-3 2/17/2017 Tressa Glass Dash camera video of incident on 1/28/2017 2/21/2017 Released
2017-4 2/23/2017 Brad Austin Unrefunded cash 2/24/2017 No Records
2017-5 2/21/2017 Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists Number of DUI Arrests, including zero tolerance & Number of Officers, including Chief for 2016 2/24/2017 Released
2017-6 3/03/2017 American Transparency Fire Dept.Employees for the year of 2016 (fiscal or calendar year) containing the employer name, employer zip code, year of compensation, first name, middle initial, last name, hire date, gross annual wage and position. 3/09/2017 Released
2017-7 3/27/2017 Federal Sign Corporation How many street sweepers, vacuum trucks, manufacturer, and their age. 3/28/2017 Released
2017-8 3/28/2017 Cathy Allison, Jay Hoffman Office Occupancy permits for the month of March 2017. 3/31/2017 Released with names redacted.
2017-9 4/3/2017 Michelle Ferris Building Stat Reports for the last 10 years. 4/6/2017 Released
2017-10 3/26/2017 Alexander Bell Incident Report 4/4/2017 Released
2017-11 4/10/2017 Edith Rodriguez building and fire records on 701-815 (odds only) N. Belt West, Belleville, IL 4/11/2007 Released
2017-12 4/11/2017 Jeffrey Redfern citations/violations, appeals, fines, documents on enforcements on occupancy permits. 4/12/2017 No Records
2017-13 5/15/2017 Kelsey Landis, BND Incidents involving Metro Link trains and stations from 2011-2016. 5/18/2017 Released
2017-14 6/15/2017 Stetson Culpepper Police Report for incident on 11/6/15, witness statements and entire criminal history 6/19/2017 Partial Release
2017-15 7/24/2017 Megan with Property Debt Research Info on 4230 Bassen Dr--outstanding liens, code violations, unpaid invoices, outstanding sewer bills/liens, occupancy inspetion information, most recent tax bill breakdown with tax payment history 7/25/2017 Full Release
2017-16 7/24/2017 Cathy Allison, Jay Hoffman Office Occupancy permits for the month of June 2017 7/25/2017 Released with names redacted
2017-17 7/25/2017 Courtney Logan Any and all agreements between Swansea and American Water as it relates to Sewer Billing. Any and all documents related to the process outlined in #1. This should include internal policies, procedures, notices, and etc. Any and all resolutions and ordinances related to Swansea's sewer billing. Copies of the 2016 and 2017 years' budget for the Sewer Billing Department. 7/28/2017 Full Release
2017-18 8/7/2017 Dana Rieck w/ BND Traffic Crash reports involving a DUI and resulting in injury and/or death occurring between Jan. 1, 2010 to Aug. 6, 2017. 8/10/2017 Full Release
2017-19 8/16/2017 Brown & Crouppen Police report covering traffic crash #2017-11193. 8/21/2017 Released