Swansea Police Department Explorer Post #1138

The Swansea Police Department, along with The Boy Scouts of America founded the Swansea Police Department Explorer Post #1138 in 2016. The ultimate goal of the Explorer Program is to provide each member with effective skills necessary to be successful in any profession they shall choose. The Explorer Program is a year-round program, in which explorers are expected to attend all regularly scheduled meetings.

The explorers receive basic instruction in various phases of law enforcement including, criminal law, traffic law, crime prevention, criminal investigation, traffic crash investigations, juvenile delinquency, community oriented policing, first aid/CPR, physical fitness, formations, domestic disturbances, officer safety, radio communications, 9-1-1 telecommuniations, report writing, pat-downs and searches, building searches, handcuffing techniques, sexual assault investigations, computer voice stress analyzer, unknown risk and high risk traffic stops, prism training, bicycle patrol, crime scene processing, K-9 demonstration, mental health awareness/crisis intervention, drug task unit, and standardized field sobriety testing for drivers under the influence. 

Explorers are required to participate in numerous details performed by the post, including traffic control, security, and communications. Participation in fundraising, seminars, and the ride-along program is highly encouraged. Explorers are governed by the Code of Ethics and Policy and Procedure.

Membership Requirements:
  • Explorers must have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age, and must not have reached their 21st birthday.
  • All Explorers must reside within the Village of Swansea. Exceptions may be made for youth who reside in a city or county that does not have a Law Enforcement Exploring Program.
  • All Explorers are responsible for providing their current address and phone number to the post. Explorers will promptly inform the post of any change in address or phone number. This information will be submitted to the post Administrative Officer or a Post Advisor. E-mail addresses are optional, but are an essential method of facilitating post communication.
  • All Explorers must be of good moral character and personal habits.
  • All Explorers must be currently enrolled in high school or have already obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent. While attending school, Explorers must maintain a grade point average of “C” or greater. If it is brought to the attention of a Post Advisor that explorer activities are interfering with an Explorer's educational performance, the Explorer's participation in post functions may be curtailed until academic performance improves. The Post Advisor reserves the right to request review of an Explorer’s most current report card. The Swansea Police Department and Explorer Post 1138 strongly encourage Explorers to seek higher education in order to improve chances for career success and life opportunities.
  • Explorers should maintain a level of physical fitness, which will allow them to perform explorer functions effectively. Advisors shall be notified of any health problems an Explorer might have that would limit his/her activities in the post. Physical disabilities will not be cause for denial of membership to any applicant, but safety concerns may dictate restricting certain activities such as ride-along. Such restrictions will be at the discretion of the Post Advisor and/or the Advisory Committee.
 Membership Process:
  • Prospective explorers shall complete an application form and forward to the Post Advisor.
  • Prospective Explorers must attend at least three meetings prior to being accepted as a member of Law Enforcement Explorer Post 1138.
  • At the third meeting, or when directed by the Post Advisor, the application will be reviewed.
  • An interview will be held with the prospective Explorer conducted by the Post Advisor. 
  • The Post Advisor will conduct a background check of each prospective Explorer. The Post Advisor will utilize information contained in the application and obtained during the interview. The background check will consist of, but is not limited to, Police Records Management System check, DMV record search, and phone calls to reference(s). School Resource Officers will be contacted at the prospective Explorer's high school. All information obtained during the background check will be kept confidential.
  • Untruthfulness on the application will be grounds for denial of membership.  
  • Once accepted into membership, all Explorers will be on probation for twelve months, during which time they may be dismissed from the Post for unsatisfactory performance or poor behavior.
  • Explorers on probation must at all times be accompanied by a senior Explorer when engaged in post activities. 

If you are interested in participating in our explorer post, please contact us at 618-233-8114 or email us at swanseap@swanseail.org