Open Government

Method for Requesting Information From the Village of Swansea

Many of the records for the Village of Swansea may be found on our website. The Village will honor requests for non-exempt information as prescribed by this Freedom of Information Act. All requests must be in writing and should contain the name, address, and contact information of the requestor, as well as a description of the records being requested. FOIA Request Forms (PDF) may be used and are available at the Village office, on our website, or may be mailed to the requestor if desired. Address requests for information to the following departments, according to the subject matter of the request.

Mail or deliver to:
Stefanie Proffitt or Ben Schloesser FOIA Officers
1444 Boul Avenue
Swansea, IL 62226
Fax: 618-234-0022
Email Swansea Administration

For Police Requests

Ashley Robbins, Deputy FOIA Officer
1400 N Illinois Street
Swansea, IL 62226
Fax: 618-234-2952
Email Swansea Police

Questions, Complaints, or Appeals

Any questions, complaints, or appeals concerning this procedure should be addressed to FOIA Officer, Stefanie Proffitt at:
1444 Boul Avenue
Swansea, IL 62226  

Copy Cost

The first 50 pages will be provided free of charge. A $0.15 charge will be made for each additional page of copied material requested. Certification is $1 per document.

Turn Around Time/Notice

Any request for information must be in writing and as specific as possible. Under Illinois Code 140, Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act, the Village Freedom of Information Officer must comply with or deny the request within 5 working days. Denial must be in writing. An additional 10 working days are allowed to complete the request if certain circumstances exist. The requestor must be notified of the reason for the delay, in writing, within the initial 5-day response time.

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act 5 ILCS 140/7 exempts types of information from the provisions of the law.

Categories That Require FOIA Request Form

Below is a list of the categories of records that may require submission of a Freedom of Information Request form:

  • Building Construction and related correspondence
  • Contracts and related correspondence  
  • Grant Applications and related correspondence
  • Financial Records/Invoices  
  • Inspection Reports and related documents
  • Internal policy letters/correspondence      
  • Maps
  • Municipal budget and related documents  
  • Sewer Bill, if the requestor’s name is not the name on the bill
  • Village Issued licenses or business registrations (licensee name, business address)

Categories That Do Not Require FOIA Request Form

Below is a list of the categories of records that do not require submission of a Freedom of Information Request form:

  • Code of Ordinances
  • Board and Committee Meeting Agendas
  • Board and Committee Meeting Minutes (Excluding non-released closed session minutes)  
  • Committee members – names only
  • Building Permits (residential and commercial) (per approval of the Building and Zoning Director)
  • Ordinances
  • Resolutions