Occupancy Permit Program

The Village of Swansea is pleased to announce the adoption of the Property Maintenance Code on September 21, 2015, Ordinance 1728. The adoption of this code puts in place a Property Inspection Program and Occupancy Permit Program for all residential properties/dwellings in the Village of Swansea. The program will consist of a required premises inspection conducted by the Village of Swansea and the issuance of an Occupancy Permit from the Village of Swansea. The scope of this program is to promote and to protect the public health, safety and general welfare of the people in all existing residential structures by establishing minimum requirements related to the safety, maintenance, sanitation, and other elements necessary for occupancy of a residential structure.
Beginning December 1, 2015, all residential structures will be required to have an inspection performed and passed, before an occupancy permit can be issued. This includes all rental properties, as well as all owner-occupied properties. Currently-occupied dwellings are not required to schedule an inspection until time of tenant/occupant change, or sale of property. All inspections will be performed by the Village of Swansea Building & Zoning Department. All Occupancy Permits will be issued by the Village of Swansea upon passing the inspection. Please click for the Occupancy Inspection Checklist as a reference of items that will be included in the inspection. For the Property Maintenance Code click here.
We welcome this program to ensure the safety and well- being of all Village residents. Please contact our office with any questions regarding this program.

Property Inspection and Occupancy Permit Program Overview
     Property Inspection

 To schedule an inspection of all residential and rental properties, contact the Village of Swansea                     
        at 618-234-0044. 
   • Inspection Fees to be paid to the Village of Swansea as follows: 
        Multi-Family structures: $50.00 
        Manufactured/Mobile Homes: $75.00 
        Single-Family Residence, Duplexes, Condominiums: $100.00
   • It is the responsibility of the property owner/agent to make advance payment of the fee, and to schedule 
      the required inspection with the Village of Swansea. 
   • An inspection shall be valid for a period of one (1) year. The dwelling unit does not have to be re-inspected  
      during that period, even if the occupancy changes. 
   • Re-inspection fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) is to be paid when initial inspection fails, or there is no access to the
       structure. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner/agent to make advance payment before
       scheduling a re-inspection. 
    • Inspection results will be mailed to the owner/agent 
        Occupancy Permits
       Applications for Occupancy Permits can be made by visiting the Building & Zoning Department at the  
       Swansea Government Center located at 1444 Boul Avenue, Swansea, IL. For all questions related to the 
       Occupancy Permit, please call 618-234-0044.
    • An Occupancy Permit will be issued upon verification from Building & Zoning that the property has 
       passed inspection. 
    • Applicants will be required to provide a valid photo ID and one of the following documents: 
          Copy of Lease Agreement 
           Sales Contract or Closing Papers 
    • Applicants will be required to list the names and ages of all tenants/occupants. 
    • Occupancy Permit Fee of $30.00 is to be paid at the time of application. 
    • Fee for revision of an existing Certificate of Occupancy will be $20.00 and must be accompanied by the
          Valid photo ID 
          Letter from landlord/agent listing names and ages of tenant/occupants.
    • Temporary Occupancy Permits 
          Temporary permit shall require the owner/agent to place all utilities in the owner/agents 
             name and assume financial responsibility for all such utilities. 
          The temporary permit shall not authorize any person to occupy the premises. 
          A temporary permit shall expire upon the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the premises.