Business Watch

The goal of the Business Watch Program is to encourage businesses to keep an eye on neighboring businesses, as well as their own and report any suspicious activity to the police.

The objectives for the Business Watch Program include the following:
  • Providing tips on catching criminals in the act
  • Educating business on new trends in crime, including, but not limited to identity theft, internal theft, theft detection, bogus instruments, and fraudulent activity
  • Discuss crime prevention issues
  • Organize specialized training for managers
  • Track statistical data for businesses and disseminate findings
  • Provide tips for providing timely and effective information to the police
  • Disseminate alerts and information regarding neighborhood crime issues
  • Provide information geared to the businesses on crime prevention and detection for crimes including, but not limited to shoplifting, fraud, and the use of high-tech security equipment
  • Develop and maintain a cooperative crime-alert business network
  • Provide up-to-date educational law enforcement resources
If you are interested in joining the Business Watch Program, please contact us at 618-233-8114 or email us at