Sgt. Kociemba

Braxton Kociemba

Braxton Kociemba joined the Swansea Police Department in February of 2020, after serving 7 years as a Law Enforcement Officer in Nebraska. While serving in Nebraska, Braxton was assigned as a K9 unit, Krav Maga defensive tactics instructor, and firearms instructor. 

Braxton also served 11 years in the Army National Guard as a Cavalry Scout. Braxton was assigned to Alpha Troop 1-134 Cavalry Squadron (IBCT).  Braxton obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant and served as a section leader for his troop. 

Braxton is one of the Swansea Police Department firearms, MILO simulator, and Bola Wrap instructors. Braxton is currently assigned to the patrol division and serves as a Patrol Sergeant on the night shift. Braxton was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in January 2023.