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Minor Changes to Electrical Code



The Village Board passed an ordinance in February that makes   

minor changes to the adopted electrical code. The Village utilizes   

the National Electrical Code , 2014 Edition, as its currently adopted code,   

but doing so requires clarifying some specific provisions that the Village   

does not adopt. Those changes include prohibiting the use of aluminum or copper clad wiring for branch circuits, setting a minimum wire size that can be used on some circuits, setting the minimum amperage allowed for


electrical service, and setting specific requirements for smoke detectors,   

carbon monoxide detectors, and GFI circuits. All of the changes are made with the intent of improving the health, safety and welfare of Village residents.


Building & Zoning Department

The Building Department is here to assist residents with any questions they may have regarding permits for homes and businesses. 

 The Building Department also is a resource for securing current licensed and bonded contractor information, and has the latest news concerning new projects entering the Village.

Please contact the Building & Zoning Department for information regarding:

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