New Residences

Building new, requires permits. Please print a Building Permit Application and submit to the Government Center. 

As implemented through the Municipal Code and Village Council policies. The Village requires a building permit to be obtained prior to building residences.


For more information, call the Planning Division 618-234-0044


Adding to Existing Residences

Before designing an addition, it is recommended to determine the building setbacks, maximum height, maximum building coverage, and other development standards. These are determined by the zoning district  in which the property is located. You can determine what district your property is located in by looking at the zoning map.

After determining the zoning district, refer to Zoning Ordinances of the Municipal Code for setbacks, maximum height limitations, and other building restrictions. 


Remodels of existing residences are generally allowed, but may require a building permit. Remodels of existing residences to another use (i.e. commercial use) are allowed in some zoning districts, but require a change of occupancy permit and may have additional requirements.