Flood Information

Flooding can occur along Swansea’s mapped floodplains, but it can also occur when storm sewers, roadway drainage ditches, and drainage paths around homes and businesses become overwhelmed with water.

Prepare & Protect


Regulatory Floodplains in Swansea

Regulatory floodplains are designated areas along the Village’s waterways, including:  

  • Wolf Branch
  • Richland Creek
These areas are classified as Special Flood Hazard Areas, Zone A, or Zone AE on the floodplain maps.

Village Floodplain Management Efforts 

Examples of the Village’s efforts to improve flood conditions include:

  • Providing Open Space along Richland Creek at Centennial Park.
  • Inspecting flood prone areas before forecast heavy rains to check for blockages and other drainage issues.
  • Participating in the Community Rating System (CRS), which provides homeowners in the regulatory floodplain with a discount on their flood insurance premiums.
  • Participating in the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • You can help our efforts by reporting a variety of issues harming our local waterways (such as illegal dumping into streams, river blockages, water quality issues and more), click here.